Thuraya SF-2500 Marine With Active Antenna

Your smart choice at sea

  • Size of the terminal (L x W x H)205mm x 190mm x 80mm
  • Size of passive antenna95mm (Dia) x 150mm (H)
  • Size of active antenna210mm (Dia) x 180mm (H)
  • Weight of the terminal1.1kg
  • Weight of below deck unit300g
  • Weight of active antenna1.7kg
  • SMSUp to 160 characters

Available for the following sectors

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Thuraya SF-2500 Marine With Active Antenna, Telepon satelit, Handpone satelit


  • Reliable performance+
  • Built for extreme conditions+
  • Enhanced safety and security+
  • Economical and user-friendly+

A robust and versatile maritime communication solution, the SF2500 is a voice satellite terminal that enables users to make voice calls through the Thuraya satellite network with ease. SF2500 combines voice capabilities, crew calling, GPS tracking, geofencing and SMS services in a compact, cost-effective package designed for small- and medium-sized vessels.

SF2500 Brochure (Eng)

SF2500 Factsheet (Eng)