THURAYA SEASTAR, Telepon Satelit

Unrivaled functionality now within reach

  • SizeBase Terminal (L x W x H): 210×205×85mm; Active Antenna (D x H): 164×170mm
  • WeightBase Terminal: 1.2kg; Active Antenna: 1.1kg
  • Power supplyPower Supply: 10.8 to 31.2V; Standby / Working Average Power Consumption: 10W / 16W

Available for the following sectors

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THURAYA SEASTAR, Telepon Satelit


  • Basic telephony functions, CLIP, SMS & much more+
  • Phone book retrieval+
  • Call log+
  • MMI in English
  • Backlit keypad
  • Desk and wall mount cradle
  • One Alert button+
  • External Alert button input port
  • External loudspeaker+
  • Configurable to support:+
  • RJ45 port for GmPRS LAN connection
  • RJ11 port for analogue phone connection

Thuraya has enhanced its reputation for high quality satellite communications by designing a circuit switched voice terminal that brings maritime communications within the reach of all that operate at sea. Thuraya SeaStar offers unrivaled functionality and unprecedented levels of value.

Thuraya’s new terminal meets the evolving needs of the modern fishing market, introducing the power of modern satellite communications capability to small scale operators. Thuraya SeaStar is ideal for smaller and regional owner operator fishing vessels, although its appeal also extends to other operators looking for support systems.

Designed specifically for harsh maritime environments, and to IEC 60945 standards, Thuraya SeaStar also satisfies the operational and crew welfare requirements of larger vessels. Delivering the reassurance of constant connectivity and communications, Thuraya SeaStar offers voice, SMS, data and tracking, on an easy and intuitive interface that is based on the Android operating systems.

Applications: Supports communication needs of fishing vessels and regional merchant vessels; Emergency calls and notification capability; Fleet management; Crew Calling

Thuraya SeaStar Factsheet (Eng)