Motorola P25 Portable Radio HT XTS2500

Lightweight Portability, Heavyweight Performance Portable Radio

  • Offers Advanced Emergency Functionality & Encryption Features
  • Four Available Model Types to Suit All Needs
  • Supports Integrated Voice & Data with Text Messaging Capabilities

The Motorola XTS2500 portable radio delivers the quality communications and interoperability that users expect, backed by a tough, rugged and compact design for the demanding and often dangerous environments they work in. This IP- enabled radio offers a wide array of advanced features and technology suited for the public safety arena, including four model types.

The Main Features of Motorola XTS2500 Series Portable Radios

The XTS2500’s uncompromising durability is founded in its design, meeting  Military specifications 810, C, D, E and F, while also providing protection against the elements with redundant silicon seals and using MacroBlend housing material to ensure against damaging shock, vibrations, UV radiation, dust and electrostatic discharge.   By delivering superior audio quality, caller’s messages are received crisp and clear and without all the radio “noise” associated with typical working environments. The advanced emergency functionality features include: Emergency Keep Alive—ensuring emergency calls are not dropped even is the radio power switches off; Emergency with voice to follow—allows for communication without having to press the PTT button; and in digital mode other users in your talk-group have the capability to hear and see your ID in their display when an emergency call has been initiated.

The XTS2500 can be used with the following systems: SMARTNET, SmartZone, and ASTRO 25. A great feature if multiple systems are in play and organizations are trying to decrease costs where possible. This one radio works with all three! Users also have the capability to program over the air while in the field, saving both time and increasing efficiencies.

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Motorola P25 Portable Radio HT XTS2500

Frequency Range:

  • VHF:      136–174 MHz
  • UHF1:    380–470 MHz
  • UHF2:    450–520 MHz
  • 700/800: 764–870 MHz

Available Models:

  • Model I: Basic, with no display
  • Model I.5: Large bitmap display
  • Model II: Large bitmap display and navigation buttons
  • Model III: Large bitmap display and full keypad

Features Include:

  • Operates on P25 Analog and Digital Trunked Systems
  • Meets Military Specs 810 C, 810 D, 810 E and 810 F, For Resistance to Shock and Extreme Weather
  • Supports USB and RS-232 Functionalities
  • Noise Reduction Software and Audio Gain Control
  • 16 Position Selectable Rotary Knob
  • 3 Programmable Side Buttons
  • 6 Line, Twelve Character Full Bitmap Display
  • Top Mounted Emergency Button
  • Three Programmable Software Menu Buttons
  • Ergonomically Recessed PTT
  • IP67 Rating: temporarily immersible to a depth of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Advanced Emergency Functionality
  • Data Capability
PTT Button Same As XTS Model I plus: Same As XTS Model ! plus: Same as XTS Model I plus:
On/Off Volume Knob Large Bitmap Display 870 Channel Capacity 870 Channel Capacity
Programmable Orange Emergency Button 2 Lines of Icons Dial From Pre-stored Lists Dial From Pre-stored Lists or Direct Entry
16 Position Top Mounted Rotary Knob 2 Lines of Text – 12 Characters Each 3 Programmable Soft Keys for Easy Access to Radio Menu 3 Programmable Soft Keys for Easy Access to Radio Menu
3 Position Concentric Switch Status Icons Backlit Keypad Backlit Keypad
Programmable Monitor Button 96 Channel Capacity 3 Navigation Keys 3 Navigation Keys and 4 x 3 Alphanumeric Keypad
2 Programmable Monitor Button Large Bitmap Display Large Bitmap Display
2 Programmable Side Buttons 2 Lines of Icons 2 Lines of Icons
Transmit LED Indicator 4 Lines of Text – 12 Characters per Line 4 Lines of Text – 12 Characters per Line
48 Channel Capacity Status Icons Status Icons

Additional capabilities of the XTS2500 include utilizing the radio as a modem to send and receive data through a traditional trunking or conventional system.  If no system is available then users can use IP packet data capabilities to send data directly to other radios. The enhanced encryption features ensure your messages will be kept private, utilizing the single algorithm hardware encryption that supports DES, DES-OFB, DES-XL, AES and Motorola’s ADP (Advanced Digital Privacy). By utilizing the GPS RSM feature dispatchers are able to located on-foot patrol officers involved in potential life threatening situations.

The XTS2500 is versatile, easily adaptable for future enhancements or upgrades and fully expandable to meet your changing needs.

The Motorola XTS2500 portable radio is ideal for Public Safety, Military, Government and Medical markets. When life gets critical get mission critical control with the XTS Portable Series.